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Rack Petroleum Ltd. (the Rack)

Rack Petroleum Ltd. (the Rack) offers a one-stop shop for all of a farmer’s needs; the Rack has the bases covered, including control, plant nutrition, fertilizer and fuel.

The Saskatchewan based independent retailer - Rack Petroleum Ltd.

- not only provides a wide range of products and services, but also assists farmers through consultation, ensuring each farm is as profitable as possible. Rack Petroleum Ltd. is an independent supplier of bulk Fuels, well sell and deliver both Diesel and Gas, and have retail locations. Rack Petroleum Ltd. also provides Custom Application of Crop Protection products and Fertilizer. Anything a farmer needs, we sell it, Whether it is herbicides, weed control, fuel, equipment or anything in between.

Amidas+D Urea

Amidas is a unique granular, homogeneous fertilizer that is soluble and efficient.

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Amidas Urea