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Chemicals Crop Protection

Everything you need to protect your crops against weeds, pests or diseases. Vast range of best pesticides, herbicides or insecticieds from BASF, SYGENTA or BAYER.

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Bulk Glyphosate Storage and Handling System.

Easy, safe and moneysaving way to operate in the field. Handle your bulk glyphosate deliveries and refills quickly and efficiently.

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Grower Central

Grower Cenral Portal powered by Tronia Systems. For Rack Customers only.

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Fertilizer Crop Nutrition

Feed your crops with all necessary nutrients Nitrogen, Potash, Kali, and Phosphorus. Whatever you need dry or liquid bulk or packed - Rack supplies all types of fertilizer.

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Ultimate Yield

Ultimate Yield Management Institute is the new approach to crop production management.

At the Ultimate Yield Management Institute a team of agronomists can help you improve your productivity and efficiency.

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Amidas+D Urea

Amidas is a unique granular, homogeneous fertilizer that is soluble and efficient.

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Amidas Urea

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In The Focus:

  • Rack Petroleum is the year 2013 PROFIT 500 company!

    PROFIT 500

    In the year 2013 Rack Petroleum has won the PROFIT 500 company title for Canada's fastest growing businesses!

  • Rack in the News

    Find hottest news from the Rack Petroleum. Stay informed on the topics of your interest.

  • Fuel Delivery

    Schedule and order your fuel delivery online. Use iPhone / iPad or go online and book your delivery in advance in an easy and convenient way.

  • Consulting

    Agronomy consultations are available from the team of more than 12 agronomists working in different fields. Our expertise is at your disposition. Call now or contact us online.

  • Guide to Crop Protection

    Find and Download or read online the Guide to Crop Protection.

  • Contract Services

    Have contract services with the Rack like field scouting, malt barley program, or all crop agronomy program. Within this program you will get SOIL TEST,FERTILITY PLAN, IN CROP & DISEASE SCOUTING, YIELD COMPARISON.

View More is the official website of Rack Petroleum Ltd- company based in Saskatchewan Canada.

Rack Petroleum Ltd. is a supplier of Fertilizer, Chemicals, Bulk Fuel,( Diesel and Gasoline), Custom Application and Agronomy Services.  The RACK- self-serve Gas Pumps are equipped with a 24 hour cardlock system that accepts both VISA and MASTERCARD. Find RACK in following towns in Saskatchewan, Canada: Biggar,  North Battleford,  Luseland, Unity and Rosetown.  Our Head office is in Biggar Saskatchewan, and we have branches in seven towns; Unity, Perdue, RosetownBattleford, Luseland, Wilkie, and Outlook .


One-stop Shop and Support.

Rack Petroleum Ltd. (Rack) offers a one-stop shop for all of a farmer’s needs; Rack has the bases covered, including control, plant nutrition, fertilizer and fuel. The Saskatchewan based independent retailer not only provides a wide range of products and services, but also assists farmers through consultation, ensuring each farm is as profitable as possible.  Rack Petroleum Ltd. is an independent supplier of bulk Fuels, well sell and deliver both Diesel and Gas, and have retail locations.  Rack Petroleum Ltd. also provides Custom Application of Crop Protection products and Fertilizer.  Anything a farmer needs, we sell it, Whether it is herbicides, weed control, fuel, equipment or anything in between.  Rack doesn’t stop at the retail end of the business; the company also provides guidance to farmers who need assistance with products.