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2011 Newsletters:

2011 archive of Newsletters published by both The RACK and other publishers on topics like Racketeer-TM  Bulk Glyphosate Handling System or Ultimate Yield Machine-TM.

Getting Ready for Spring 2011

NewsLetter: Spring-2011 Vol-3, Issue-1; (Starts downloading Adobe PDF file 436Kb)

Well here we go again diving into a new crop year! I am sure there are many factors racing through all of your minds about the coming season. The weather and moisture conditions cannot be ignored, but let as look at some of the things you can control!

Our fields have a maximum amount of reserve moisture, meaning that the ones you seed are going to have maximum yield potential. So how does this impact our 2011 crop plan? When applying the Ultimate Yield-TM process to the question
the answers become obvious.

Calculate your fertility program to match your target yield. A great deal of moisture is expected this spring, so the target yield will be high and planning a well balanced ration to feed your crop is necessary. In many cases a split fertilizer program that involves top dressing should be considered to spread out the feeding window. Higher target yields mean you need to look at adding micro nutrients to your program like copper, zinc, and boron. These nutrients can be delivered through a variety of sources, seed dressing, foliar, or dry fertilizer.

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We baby sit your crops while you are on your summer holidays! V-1 Issue-3

NewsLetter: Summer-2009 Vol-1, Issue-3; (Starts downloading Adobe PDF file 0.38Mb)

You have had a long hard spring of uncertainties, rushing to get your crop in, trying to spray, now its time to relax.  Would not you say, it is about time you spend some time with your family, maybe head to the lake? We are finally getting some warm weather so take advantage of it! Let our skilled agronomists take it from here while you pack up the family for a summer vacation. By seeking our Agronomic Consulting Services you can be rest assured we will be keeping a keen eye on your crop for any bugs or diseases. You can also pre book acres that need to besprayed, so a spray job is as easy as a phone call away. We have different agronomic packages to suit your needs and budget.

Wire worm Population on the rise.  The presence of wireworms has become a growing concern for farmers in Canada. Wireworms feed on the tissues of germinating seeds or young seedlings, damaging the stem eventually causing the
death of the young plant.

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