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ULTIMATE YIELD The Best Laid Plans: V-1 Issue-2

NewsLetter: Fall2013 Vol-1, Issue2; (Starts downloading Adobe PDF file 846Kb)

In the world of farming there is certainly no guarantees. And certainly mother-nature has a way of exasperating the best and worst made decisions in farming. In some areas of the province; 2013 season was the best ever in memory for both quality and quantity. In other areas the rain was too plentiful or the tap turned off in late June and the crop struggled to finish.

The latter was the case on Dennis Bulani’s farm this season. Though the soft white wheat yields were impressive, they did not reach the targeted goal. While the weather was to blame, the intensive management reduced the impact of the dry summer.

Ultimate Yield Management Institute uses a systematic approach to managing and implementing all the agronomic decision on the farm. In this system all of the agronomic decisions fit into 6 manageable categories: Seed bed preparation, seed quality, seed depth, seeding date, nutrition and pest control. The yield factors are evaluated prior to the season.

The entire UYMI agronomy team thinks and uses the six management factor system to manage the farms and fields in the agronomy program. As an agronomist, Dennis has found little success in managing only one factor. Manage each of the 6 factors properly however, and your chances of success increase exponentially.

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An Introduction to 6 Key Areas for Management Success.

NewsLetter: Summer2013 Vol-1, Issue-1; (Starts downloading MS Publisher file 3.0Mb)

By addressing six variables that affect your annual harvest, our team of expert agronomists can help you improve your productivity and efficiency. Through our work together, we will define and refine a management plan that is custom made for you and your fields.

We analyze each field’s yield potential and how it was managed in the past. We compile the information considering the impact of each of the variables impacting yield. Considering various weather scenarios, we help you maximize your yield each season. The process starts after harvest so that by the next year you’ll be recording target yields. The Ultimate Yield Management Institute is here to help you manage your fields to reach your target yield.

Our UYMI experts understand the challenge of weather. Moisture is important and too much, or too little, will limit a crop’s potential. The length of the growing season, how fast it warms up in the spring and many other factors allhaveanimpact.That’swhyweincludethree different weather scenarios as we work with you to manage your crop. These scenarios – poor, average and excellent – make it possible for you to include the weather factor in your decisions. We certainly don’t have a crystal ball to predict what will happen, but we can plan and adjust for different conditions.


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