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Imagine checking all of your fields at once to through the UYMI VRate program. NDVI while you have your morning coffee. Being able to see how every field and every crop is performing today versus yesterday and the day before and even versus last year or years past. Think about the peace of mind that information like this would bring you every day. The Rack is bringing this to you, and you can have it today.

Get the peace of mind in knowing how your fields are performing daily

NewsLetter: NewsLetter Fall2015-V7_Issue1; (Starts downloading Adobe PDF file 1.05Mb)

GEOSYSTM Crop Health Monitor is a revolutionary way to monitor day-to-day performance of all the fields on your farm. It allows you to identify opportunities to protect and improve yields as the season progresses and access information you need to make informed decisions about your operation. This information can help you to focus your scouting efforts and find problem areas sooner to help protect your yield.

The concept is actually quite simple and uses technology that The Rack has access (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) images are taken daily by GEOSYSTM and are compared to a large database of historical images to determine how the crop is performing versus days, weeks and years past. Sophisticated algorithms allow this software to compare specific areas of the field and create a visual map and corresponding graphs to show the customer the performance of the field. A number of factors can cause a fluctuation in the vegetation in a field. This fluctuation is often difficult to discern in person, and is often observed too late to address properly. Daily NDVI images can potentially indicate a change in vegetation days before the scout is able to see it, thus allowing the customer more time to adequately diagnose and correct any issues.

The Crop Health Monitor platform is easy to use and simple to navigate so that customers can access their information quickly and efficiently. It provides daily access to vital information including field performance, NDVI imagery, historical charts and daily weather data and forecasts.


Get the peace of mind in knowing how your fields are performing daily. GEOSYSTM Crop Health Monitor gives you accurate up to date information in one glance right at your fingertips.

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Inside this issue: Farming Precisely with Precision Ag.

NewsLetter: NewsLetter Summer2015-V7_Issue1; (Starts downloading Adobe PDF file 1.05Mb)

Variable Rate implementation has been increasing over the last few years. The majority of users focus entirely on nutrition and furthermore Nitrogen or Nitrogen blends. The agronomy team at UYMI has learned that precision agriculture is much more than just variable rate nutrition.

When it comes to precision agriculture, UYMI agronomists utilize the 6 factors of the agronomy program within the concept of “Liebig’s Law of the Minimum”; growth is not controlled by the total resources available, but by the scarcest resource. Each farm may have a different limiting factor, and within that farm, each field or zone may again be different. In understanding this, a grower is able to set priorities on a total farm or field per field basis. Nutrition may still be the limiting factor but nitrogen may not be the only nutrient that requires priority. When discussing soil test results with your UYMI agronomist, they may address nutrients that are more limiting than Nitrogen due to their consistently declining rates. In order to correct the decline, you may be required to apply more than just crop removal rates in some or all zones of your field.

When considering Liebig’s Law of the Minimum, any of the six factors can be the limiting factor in achieving Ultimate Yield. Often making the decision to address disease or in season nutrition management is difficult, especially if the crop conditions are less than adequate. For example, in a dry year when the hill tops are burned off but the mid-slopes and hollows are still lush green with lots of yield potential, the decision to apply fungicide to the whole field is difficult. Precision ag allows the grower to vary water volume or product rate with a prescription based on topography or satellite imagery and apply the required fungicide only to the areas that will see benefit and not to the areas that are past saving. Utilizing precision ag allows the grower to address the management decision properly without sacrificing unnecessary dollars.

Precision Agriculture is proving to be a valuable tool for accurate farm management. The ability to diagnose and address issue.


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