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Our Vision:



How are we striving to do this:

We believe the application of science and new technology to farm production will play an integral role to increasing yields, we will actively seek out and research Ethical science and applicable technology and help make them relevant on the farms we service.


Our Company:

Rack Petroleum Ltd. is a full service supplier of fertilizer, fuel, and crop protection products to producers in west central Saskatchewan. Headquartered in Biggar, with branches located in Battleford, Luseland, Perdue, Outlook, Rosetown, Unity, and Wilkie. Rack Petroleum Ltd. is a vibrant, rapidly expanding company.

Our Goals:

At "the Rack" we strive to be the most knowledgeable, reliable, information supplier who adds value to every product and service everytime, safely and profitably. Goals are to create an environment for employees who are independent, self motivated, problem solvers who make opportunity from crisis.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transfer technology to our customer while striving for excellence in our product and service offerings, safely, and profitably, at a price that can be customer attractive and measurable for the value received, through operational efficiency and excellence.

Our Staff:

  • At the Rack Petroleum Ltd. we have passionate skilled staff
  • We have diligent operators supported by high tech equipment and exceptional product delivery
  • We are the filter for our Customers
  • We have the process of UYMI
  • We have Rack Research Team
  • We apply new technology
  • We have the products

We have:

  • Fuel Delivery

    Schedule and order your fuel delivery online. Use iPhone / iPad or go online and book your delivery in advance in an easy and convenient way.

  • Farm Inputs You Need

    We understand why you need them, We understand where you need them, We understand when you need them and how you need them.

  • Contract Services

    Have contract services with the Rack like field scouting, malt barley program, or all crop agronomy program. Within this program you will get SOIL TEST,FERTILITY PLAN, IN CROP & DISEASE SCOUTING, YIELD COMPARISON.

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