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C&D Rethrasher, Scalper Grain/Seed Cleaner - Side view

The C&D Machine and Welding belt thresher was originally developed for use in a research laboratory environment where samples of 5 to 10 Kgs are poured into the hopper and collected in the clean grain tray below. During this threshing process the machine is equipped with an adjustable air fan to blow out half seeds and unwanted weed seed. This particular machine is largely used in threshing, removing white caps, as well as separating weed seeds in all types of cereal grains.


The C&D belt thresher can also be used in cleaning some oil seeds, but this requires a modified belt that is easily installed right in the lab and that would be sold separately.This machine also come with a detachable scalping unit with removable perforated screens of various sizes to separate unwanted debris before the sample enters the belt thresher.


We also sell another similar model of this machine that will thresh and clean pulse grains. This unit is manufactured with a greater throat capacity and runs at a much slower RPM so as not to damage the pulse seed as it is being threshed. It is extremely gentle on pea seed so there is much less cracking and splitting in the threshed product.


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