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C&D Seed Wheat Thresher.

(Rethrasher small grain scalper cleaner)

After years of experience in the field of agricultural machinery, C&D has developed thresher of excellent quality and extreme reliability.

Rethrasher scalper cleaner or C&D seed wheat thresher is one of our products with mature technology. You are welcome to make your purchase.


This unique Belt Thresher is mainly used for shelling the wheat, barley, soybeans, canola etc. It is efficient and can thresh wheat and barley throughly. Rethrasher scalper cleaner has the features of compact structure, beautiful shape and reliable operation. Having implemented high standards in mechanization of seed cleaning process this small but highly efficient thresher will take much of the drudgery out of your farm labour. Featured by its high production rate, good threshing performance and few loss of grain, it will become a good helper for your research and farm seed cleaning needs.