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In-Load System Procedures

Pre In-Load Setup

End Hopper/Truck Set-up

End hopper and truck setup is also important for the fertilizer custom application and spreading procedure.  Stick to the procedure below:

  • Check the dump tube for obstructions by running brush line or bowling ball line through the tube a couple of times. These lines are located on the walkway by the hopper.
  • The stopper board must be latched open when dumping to allow product which is not removed by the air system to flow out of the hopper tube and into the truck located outside under the tube.
  • Only time previous step will not be done is in-loading urea (46-0-0).
  • Stopper board is folded down allowing excess product to flow directly into urea bin. Truck is always placed under tube even though board is down, some product will still make it by.