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Fungicide is any substance used to destroy Fungi.

Fungicide is any substance used in plant protection agriculture to destroy Fungi. In Saskatchewan sulfur compounds, long used to destroy fungi on plants and protect crops, have been supplemented for some time by other chemicals, especially by compounds of copper, such as Bordeaux mixture. Organic salts of iron, zinc, and mercury are also synthesized as fungicides. Rack Petroleum sells Fungicides, including formaldehyde; these are applied also to seeds and soil for the destruction of vegetative spores. Plant fungicides are usually applied by spraying or dusting. Fungicides used on wood, including creosote, prevent dry rot, and certain compounds are used to make fabrics resistant to mildews. Antibiotic and sulfa drugs are used for human fungus diseases as well as for fungus diseases of plants. Most agricultural fungicides are preventive; those applied after infection are called eradicant, or contact, fungicides. In the United States, fungicides must be registered with the Food and Drug Administration and must conform to specifications; e.g., they must control the disease without injuring the plant and must leave no poisonous residue on edible crops.