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Rack Petroleum Ltd. is upgrading its equipment with new 4530 Case IH Floaters.

Case IH 4530 Floater

Rack Petroleum is pleased to announce the addition of two new floater applicators to its fleet. In our continuing commitment to better service and value for our customers we have added state of the art technology to the fleet.  4530Case IH has made massive improvements to all of its application equipment -  says Harold Friedhoff, Custom Application Manager of Rack Petroleum Ltd.

We want to lead with our services by having the best technology out there. We are very impressed with the ease of use of the variable rate controllers in these units as well as the excellent service that Case puts behind them. Logistics is what it is all about, so when we custom apply fertilizer utilizing our variable rate programs, or anyone else's for that matter, we are able to do so with ease. 4530Case has really leaped ahead in their application technology and we enjoy working with their team - states Friedhoff.  New technology in their sprayers with the AIM command application technology and their work on speed of boom technology as well as nozzle accuracy is also very impressive. We intend to look very closely at these systems as well.

Our team of agronomists can write a program or prescription using the patented Ultimate YieldTM program offered by the Rack and our customers can receive the best technology and agronomy team to ensure it is done right with the right product on the right spot in the field at the right time.

Our floaters have been variable rating a lot of super urea this fall so our customers not only are receiving prescription maps that count but they are also receiving the newest technology in nitrogen use. Super urea has become a new standard in increasing yields over regular urea and its use continues to increase - states Friedhoff.