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Chemicals, Fertilizer and Fuel are the main categories of products being sold by the Rack Petroleum company operating in the Western Canadian Agriculture market.  Chemicals - i.e. plant protecting lliquid compounds, as well as Fertilizer - plant nutrition dry and liquid blends are offered in a vast variety of options.  Please, visit our fertilizer page to see the list of Fertilizers we sell in separate or blended forms. Below is the short list of chemicals for sale Fuel types like dyed diesel, regular diesel and unleaded gas can be delivered right to your farm just give us a phone call
Serious Burndown
Weed management on your farm now easier with "Burndown". With pre-seed tank mix products from Nufarm you have more weed management options to reduce your risk of resistance through use of multiple modes of action.
Seed Thresher
Unique Belt Thresher is mainly used for shelling the wheat, barley, soybeans, canola etc. It is efficient and can thresh wheat and barley thoroughly. Rethrasher scalper cleaner has the features of compact structure, beautiful shape and reliable operation.
Rogue IX
Introducing Rogue IX performance booster, new for 2015 glyphosate applications - only from The Rack Petroleum Ltd. Years of development and research have led to the introduction of Rogue IX performance booster.
AMIDAS is a homogeneous mixture of both urea and ammonium sulphate, fertilizer with greater hardness that offers even and uniform application.
Bulk glyphosate
Bulk glyphosate sale in Central and Western Canada. Racketeer is the bulk glyphosate tank and handling system. A new way to safely and efficiently handle your glyphosate needs.
Chemicals to protect your crops Herbicides, Insecticides, fungicides you can order from the Rack Petroleum Ltd. in Saskatchewan CA.
Fertilizer in Saskatchewan Potash Urea Mono-Ammonium Phosphate Sulphate Fines and Blend Grade Sulphur
Regular unleaded and premium gasoline; clear and dyed diesel, with or without our bio additive; heating oil. Fuel Supplier Gas and Diesel and other fuel in Saskatchewan from the Rack Petroleum.

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