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In-Load System Procedures

Pre In-Load Setup

Railcar Inspection/Positioning

Before fertilizer is spread in the fields as part of the custom application services rail cars with fertilizer get unloaded.  Proper positioning and inspection is required prior to unloading:

  • Each railcar has latches and lids located on top ofrailcars. Open all topside gates for hoppers and inspect to see if it's the product that is marked for the car, moisture, lumps, or anything which may cause reject able product.
  • Railcar inspection information is then written on car condition report. (explained in paper work section appendix A)
  • Release air on all railcars and all but one hand brake which will be on the first car of each set of five.
  • Using the car puller provided hook-up to pulling loop on car and pull first hopper over in-load pit. No more than five cars can be pulled at once.