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Out-Loading Procedures

Scale Bins

Scale Bin Out-Load

We pride ourselves in the quality of our custom application services which include fertilizer spreading, blending and other.

  • Make sure that the air system that opens the air gates for the overhead bins is on and pumping air.
  • Check to see that the release number given by the driver is valid to use, if not it is the driver's responsibility for getting the proper one from their company.
  • Inspect their trailers for clean slope sheets, hoppers, slide gates and top rails for anything that can contaminate the product being loaded. If the trailer does have product such as grain or gravel in it the driver must clean it out or be denied his load till it is done. We are responsible for the quality of the product that we load and ensure it to be free of contamination.
  • Inform the driver that we use a CB radio on station 14 to move them under the bins from hopper to hopper. If they don't have a CB system notify them of the light system located on the poll under the overhead bins, this will be used to move them.
  • Ask the driver prior to loading what they would like the weights for each hopper to be and write it on Appendix F.
  • Spot the truck on the first hopper to be loaded, make sure that the product needed is what is in the bin. Turn bin selector switch on the control panel to the bin you want to dump out of. Start loading by pressing and holding down the gate control button and release the button about 200kgs from target weight for the hopper then feather the gates till you reach the target weight. Fill out proper paper work. Appendix 11-3, Appendix J 1-3.