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Bulk Glyphosate on your Farm!

Racketeer is a new way to safely and efficiently handle glyphosate on your farm.  The product is delivered direct to your farm and is stored in the provided 8,000 litre storage tank.  Never handle another bulky tote of Glyphosate again with the Racketeer Bulk Glyphosate Handling System.

Handle your glyphosate with:

  • Less freight
  • Less handling
  • More convenience
  • No totes!

The RacketeerTM Bulk Glyphosate Handling System consists of a fully contained, 8000 L tank fitted with a pump and metered flow system to allow for quick and efficient use of bulk glyphosate right on your farm.

Each RacketeerTM tank is designed to meet today's stringent environmental storage requirements:

  • Double walled to prevent leaks
  • Top filled to maintain tank integrity
  • Patented plastic liner with fill well to prevent spills when filling
  • No drip dry lock connection to prevent spills when filling pods
  • Locks and seals on all access points to the system

Rack Petroleum only supplies North American produced glyphosate for use in the Racketeer system. Racketeer is a North American produced, 360g/L glyphosate formulated as an IPA salt. 

For more information on Racketeer or to order Glyphosate Racketeer storage tanks, please fill out the following online form using secure server connection: Order Glyphosate Now

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