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Buy Canola crop protection Chemicals.

Chemicals for Canola and other crops are being sold here through the Rack Petroleum Ltd., We sell 2,4-D Amine, Achieve 480, Agrotain, Amitrol, Apron Maxx, Assert, Attain, Avadex Micro Active, Avail Liquid Concentrate, Benchmark, Bromotril, Calmix, Casoron, Credit, Decis Ec, Dividend Xl Rta, Express Sg, Frontline Bulk, Gemini, Headline, Horizon 40ac, Liberty, Lontrel, Loresban, Maverick, Mcpa Amine 600, Merge 8l, Mextrol, Micro Coptrel, Odyssey, Prepass 40acre, Puma Super, Raxil T, Renegade Hc, Rival, Roundup Transorb, Roundup Weather Max and other plant protecting chemicals.


 8440      5000 SERIES



 AND D3151RR


 AND 7140CL

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